$15.00 Double Fan



Murphy, 08 - 40" EM 7" sev. Dip. Veined reddish lavender white midrib, cream edge

Finally a nice cultivar from Lola Branham and Skinwalker, a nearly impossible cross! This large lavender to reddish lavender bloom is complicated, with heavy veining, striking white midrib, cream edge, purple band, and chartreuse throat. It can be a UF, or a spider on some blooms, but is not registered as either. Always different, and always good. Fertile, sometimes Ethereal ( hence the name) .

We finally had enough of this one to have a clump again. What a joy to behold. Buy it at this new low price and in 3 years you will have a clump and enjoy it too!

Contact Info

Woodhenge Gardens
Jim Murphy & Margo Reed
3191 Plank Rd.
North Garden, Va. 22959
(434) 979 3999
cell (434) 981 5212
Lily Auction Username:Murphy

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