$25.00 Triple Fan



(Benzinger/Murphy, Autumn 2020 )

41" VL 7" Dormant, diploid, UF – Crispate

After many years, I decided to introduce this Fred Benzinger seedling. It is a gold-cream self, Unusual Form crispate with a distinctly triangular shape. It starts blooming when almost every daylily has finished and blooms for 4 or 5 weeks here in decent conditions. It has strong scapes, is fertile, and easily grows in most conditions. It takes drought, heat, cold, and rain with ease. Has thrived below zero, frozen for 3 months, and survived over 100 in the summer. It has 5 branches, and about 25 buds in decent but average conditions. It does do instant rebloom here, extending the bloom season. It makes a showy clump, and is as faithful and dependable as a Golden Retriever.

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