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Murphy, '06 - 54" M 7" dor. Dip. Spider. Red lavender, good branching and bud count, long bloom. Has a purple band and very long bloom season. Easily fertile.

This very tall dormant red lavender has nearly phenomenal branching and budcount once established, the best reason for its introduction. The scapes have well spaced branching, with long, narrow blooms with a ratio of 4.8 to 1. The color of the petals is not completely clear, but is set off well with the contrasting purple band and yellow throat, with a touch of green at the heart. Blooms a very, very long time, standing well above the other daylilies. I have recorded an 8 week bloom season on an established plant. 4 way branching, 35 buds. Fertile both ways. It has won awards in many shows. One year, I won best spider at the NCDC show with it. BRANCHING.

Parentage: Grey Witch x Watchyl Cyber Spider

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