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Murphy, '05 - 30" Vla 5.5" dor.dip. Greyish brown, purple eye, yellow ribs, fast growing, late and unique.

Greyish Brown petals, and sepals, purplish red eye, yellow midribs, prominent veins on petals, orange and yellow throat. This plant was selected for its unique color pattern, perfect foliage, and fast increase, as well as late bloom. There is nothing like it at mid season, much less very late season. It has slender, yet strong scapes with 17+ buds. The name comes from the color of the petals, as well as a more tongue in cheek meaning. Out of a Benzinger seedling by TROPICAL DEPRESSION, it has TRAHLYTA in the background and does color change to some extent. Can bloom for up to 3 months, a bud builder. THE BEST BLUE GREEN DORMANT FOLIAGE IN OUR GARDEN. Extremely resistant to late freezes. Unfazed by as low as 20F when plants are actively growing.

Parentage: Benzinger seedling X TROPICAL DEPRESSION

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