$100.00 Double Fan

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(Murphy, 2017) 44" M 6" dormant, diploid, 3 branches - 27 buds Seedling (Brer Rabbit's Baby x 2009 ACE) x Focus. UF - cascade.
Greyed reddish black with a black band, green throat, and thin lemon midrib on petals. Distinctive blue-green foliage. Very sun tolerant in our climate. On hot days, the plant will be darker and less grey. Some of the best and most carefree blue green foliage that we have in our garden. Fertile and makes great dark kids with blue green dormant foliage.
100.00 for double fans. One plant for fall 2018.
HARD DORMANT BLUE GREEN FOLIAGE that is late freeze resistant.
Only one plant available for 2020. It has been very popular. Buy it now!

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North Garden, Va. 22959
(434) 979 3999
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