$30.00 Double Fan



Murphy 2011 37" M 6" Dormant Diploid Bicolor Cascade Unusual Form

This red, yellow, and cream bicolor with cream midribs and green throat displays a very complex color pattern. On hot days, like its parents SANTAS PANTS and COMPLICATED, the edge bleaches to white, contrasting greatly with the complex red petals. This cultivar has the highest branching and bud-count of any of this series; 3 branches and 19 buds in average conditions and up to 5 branches in excellent conditions. It is very close to a spider, has blue green foliage, and is easily fertile both ways, passing on the complex color patterns. Hard dormant. Excellent proven parent of 4 future intros of mine. Tiny fans, but I ship quite a few.

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Woodhenge Gardens
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3191 Plank Rd.
North Garden, Va. 22959
(434) 979 3999
cell (434) 981 5212
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