$40.00 Double Fan



(Murphy 2013) 32" M 7" Dor Dip Ext UF Cascade Introduced because of excellent plant habit, pure red color, and extremely green throat. The green throat dominates the bloom, fading to chartreuse near the edges, then melding into clear, bright red. Sunfast to about 95 here, with 2 branches and 20 buds. Highly fertile both ways, blooming for about 4 to 5 weeks here. Fast growing. Out of ROSE F KENNEDY by a Snooks Harville Seedling with excellent color.
2018- With our ample rain this year, Uncle Sam really performed well, blooming for a long time with perfect blooms. We had plenty of increase after being sold out. I dropped the price! Several hybridizers have shown me excellent images of their kids from it.

Sibling of Devils Marbleyard, and grows much faster. It is similar in look to DM, but blooms longer.

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North Garden, Va. 22959
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